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Roof estimates:  Signature Construction, Roofing Contractor, Johnstown, pa, provides advice in getting the best free roof estimates
Be sure your estimate is free: Estimates for a roof replacement, roof repair, roof maintenence, etc. should be at no charge to the customer. Here are some tips in understanding your estimates:
Details, Details: be sure your roof estimate is detailed. It should contain, at minimal, a complete list of the labor and scope of work to be performed, the specific materials to be used, the manufacturer's warranty included, the workmanship warranty included, the time for completion of work and an estimated start date for your new roof. This would be a bare minimum estimate. We provide full, detailed estimates, along with shingle information, shingle brochures, Proper roofing system installation, certification of insurance, Pa. state licensing, etc. Be sure your estimate is understandable so you know exactly what you are paying for.
Required Information: be sure your estimate contains a Pa. State lisence number for the company. This registration ID number is required to appear on all estimates according to contractor laws You should also make sure an insurance policy number is located on your estimate, as well as a physical street address, telephone number, and website and/or email. Information on how and who to contact not only regarding the estimate, but also in the event you need to contact them about a problem after the roof is done and you have paid for it. Be aware of incomplete estimates that do not list ID numbers, Lisencing information, Insurance Information.
The Money Down estimate: If your estimate says anything about you giving the roofing contractor money prior to work beginning on your home, throw it away. There have been too many scams and fly-by-night type roofing contractors around for you to give your money away. Signature Construction performs all work to completion prior to receiving Any money from our customers. This practice protects you and the contractor. If they can do your roof the day after tomorrow and they want money up front ... this should reveal to you that they have no work ( a sign of problems), and they have no money or no business credit accounts at local building suppliers (lowes, home depot, 84 lumber), which should also make you worry somewhat. My advice is to not give money to a contractor, especially prior to the commencement of work.
A roof estimate becomes a contract only after all terms are accepted by the homeowner and the contractor. Before you sign the seperate contract, be sure to review that it contains al of the information you discussed and agreed upon with your roofer. The terms of payment should be clearly outlined in the contract, and any penalties assessed for payments not in compliance with the terms in the roof contract.
Signature Construction, Roofing Contractor, Johnstown, Pa. , invites you to visit our website at, or call for a free consultation at (814)539-4617. You can view our other articles on roofing for more advice
Roofing, Roof estimate, Johnstown pa
roof contractor, roof estimate, johnstown, pa
Roofing, Johnstown, Pa
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Roof estimates, somerset, pa
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