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Roof Repair's do's and don't's

A roof repair is critical, and if done incorrectly, could actually lead to the creation of more problems than you originally had to begin with. Signature Construction, Roofer, Johnstown, Pa, provides some basic information when it comes to doing a roof repair, or hiring a roof repair contractor to fix your roof.
Before you hire a contractor to repair your roof, read our article on "How to choose a Roofing Contractor, Johnstown, Pa", or visit our site posted at the bottom., and click on choosing a roofer on our homepage.
Never let anyone, including a roofing repair contractor, tell you that tarring your roof in problem areas is the fix to your roof problem. Tar, whether it is in a tube, a can, or a bucket, is a bad idea. A leak means there is a problem with a shingle or shingles, a metal flashing issue perhaps around a chimney or along a wall, or maybe a problem with a pipe collar or the ridgevent. None of the above can be permanently repaired by using tar. Using tar to do a roof repair is similar to putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.... It is going to require more attention eventually, which is going to cost you, the homeowner, even more money to do the original roof repair correctly.
Do not accept professional conclusions from a roof repair contractor that has not taken the time to get on the roof and do a thorough visual inspection. I have been in the roofing, and roof repair business for 18 years, and I know that it is not possible to factually determine a roof issue without doing a full roof inspection. Be wary of someone who can. Protect yourself, and your money, by asking questions about their inspection, or lack of inspection.
If it sounds too expensive, it probably is. : Have you ever taken your car to a mechanic and he gives you an outrageous price because your car is making a strange noise? Then, a friend of a friend is a mechanic at a different garage and gives you a price that is Half of the first one you got? Roof reapir service is similar. The industry, like alot of others, is full of roofing contractors without basic ethical standards. Always remember, an estimate should be Free, meaning you pay nothing. So, get a repair estimate and compare product and price to another estimate you receive from a different contractor. If it is an emergency roof repair, call a credentialed roofing contractor to perform an emergency service. In most cases, an emergency service is billed to your insurance company.
You need a New Roof: Sometimes repeated repairs on different areas of your roof reveals the fact that maybe it is time for a new roof altogether. If your roof is in distress, throwing good money after bad is an expensive way just to put off the inevitable. Signature Construction takes this approach. If we are called to a roof repair, and it turns out the customer needs a new roof, we will estimate the costs for the new roof, and if the customer chooses to get an entire new roof, we will perform all repairs Free of charge. This solves their existing leak problems, without a fee, and allows us the time needed to get to their new roof. So, do a little research, call a few roof repair contractors, and weigh your options.
If you are a DIY homeowner: performing your own roof repairs, if you are capable, is fine, and will save you money. A few simple things to the DIY homeowner. Never pound a nail directly through a part of your roof that is exposed to the elements. Do not nail through the "face" of a shingle. Be sure for safety, to have someone hold the bottom of your ladder so your weight at the top does not displace the feet of the ladder (cauing a kick-out). If you get up there, and can't figure out the roof issue, call a professional. And, be careful.
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