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Information is key when deciding to choose a Roofing Contractor for your home improvement needs. Many people systematically choose the "LOWEST PRICE". This approach is  acceptable as long as you ask and VERIFY that your Roofing contractor posesses the following:

1. Liability Insurance: Liability insurance is required by law in order for the roofer to be in business legally. Liability Insurance protects your property during the Roofing process, including your home (inside & outside), grounds, and anything on your property such as cars, swimming pools, etc. Ask for certificate of Liability.

2. Workers Compensation: Compensation Insurance is required by law if your Roof contractor has ANYONE else working on your property. BE SURE you receive a PA WORKERS COMP. INSURANCE CERTIFICATE prior to executing a Roofing contract. In the event an employee of your Roofing contractor gets injured while working on your property, and your Roofer does not have comp., you can be held liable in court for the employees injuries and all medical bills.

3. State Lisenced: ALL ROOFING CONTRACTORS are required by the PA ATTORNEY GENERAL to be licensed. All estimates, contracts, etc. you receive from a ROOFER must contain a PA state license number ( such as PAGHIC081380 ). If they cannot provide you a license number, or proof of state licensing, they may be operating an unlawful business under PA laws.

And keep the following in mind when choosing a ROOFING contractor: (even if only for a Roof Repair)

4. Asking For Money: Roofing Contractors are permitted to ask for a small % once work begins on your property. However, be careful. There have been numerous reports of Roofing scams and thefts in the central PA. area just in the last six months. Signature Construction, a fully insured, registered and licensed Roofing company, does not ask a homeowner for any money down. We perform the work, and upon completion, we receive full payment. This is the safest practice for both the Roofing contractor as well as the homeowner, Up front charging should raise a "WARNING" flag.

5.Quality Products/Warranty requirements:  Shingle providers REQUIRE proper roof deck preparation, the use of certain roofing products, and proper Roof ventilation. This is true with Owens Corning, Certainteed, GAF, ELK, Tampko, IKO, etc. If your Roofer does not use the correct products, such as Ice/Water Shield on all eaves and valleys,roofing underlayment, or does not adequately ventilate the roof, your warranty will be COMPROMISED or may be VOIDED. Be sure you are actually getting the roof that you are paying for. Information is key, so have your Roofing contractor explain everything. You deserve to know what it is that you are purchasing!!  click here
Signature Construction is fully insured ( 3 million dollars liability ) (PA Workers Compenstion), state lisenced roofing company that takes pride in doing quality work at reasonable prices. Certified by "CERTAINTEED", as a MASTER SHINGLE APPLICATOR, demonstrates our commitment to educating ourselves, and you the homeowner, about the newest roofing products, services, warranty information,installation tecniques and roof integrity. Our estimates are professional, and detailed for the homeowner to understand exactly what they are getting for their money. Our dedication is unmatched, and we hope that the foregoing information has, at minimal, given you enough information to make an informed decision when choosing your next roofing contractor. For immediate roof repairs, call (814)290-8212
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