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Roofing Contractor , Johnstown, Pa - Save on new roofs - We tell you how

Home & Family > Home Improvement | By: eric sager (02/10/12)

Roofing Contractor, Signature Construction, Johnstown, pa presents the best way to get the best price for your new roof:

Putting a new roof on your home can be costly. Signature Construction, roofing contractor, johnstown, pa gives you advice on getting the best value for your dollar when it comes to getting a new roof.

Before you hire a contractor to install your roof, read our article on "How to choose a Roofing Contractor, Johnstown, Pa", or visit our site posted at the bottom., and click on choosing a roofer on our homepage.

This article will help you make sure you are getting a legitimate roofing contractor:
Saving money:

Get at least two roof estimates. As is with any other field, roofing estimates can range in price. Price difference only is of issue as long as you are getting the same product, materials, warranties and guarantees in multiple quotes for your roof. Roof estimates should be detailed for the homeowner to fully understand.

Use discounts that you see advertised. Most roofing contractors offer discounts, savings or free upgrades during certain times of the year. If you are not in desperate need of a roof now, then ask the roofer to give you a peak season price and also an alternate price if you allow the roof to be done closer to winter. We offer a 10% off all new contracts in the spring, and this offer remains valid until May, 1. This rebate can save you up to $500.00 on a new roof.
Upgrade your shingle. I will give you the best advice on shingles!! Our labor prices remain the same whether we install a 25 year shingle or a 50 year shingle. This is the area you actually get the best value for your dollar. Example, if our price is $5,000 to replace your roof, that cost includes overhead, labor, hauling, disposal and dump fees, underlayment and felt installation, shingle delivery charges, permits, roof installation charges and our workmanship warranty. This would be a $5,000 contract for a 25 year manufacturers warrantied shingle. Now, all of our overhead, labor, disposal, dump fees, delivery, etc. remain Exactly the same, exactly the same for the installation of a 50 Year shingle. The ONLY cost variationm would be for the difference in material between a 25 year shingle and a 50 year shingle. For an average sized home, this price increase would be approximately $600-$900 dollars. so, a 25 year roof for $5,000 , dived by 25 would equal your cost for the roof on your home to be $200.00 per year........ where, with a 50 year roof, at $5900.00 dollars, your cost for the roof on your home would be less than $118.00 per year !! You are saving over $80.00 per year. But not so fast, this saving compounds when you factor in that your roof will NOT have to be replaced in 25 years, which will save you the costs of labor, dump fees, hauling, delivery, etc. in 20 years. So, in addition to saving $80.00 a year up front, you save yourself thousands later on also.

We offer the highest quality roofing systems, at the most competitive prices. We are the areas only Shingle Master Crew certified company, which allows us to provide extended warranties, and non pro-rated warranties on our integrity roof systems.
If you would like more information, visit our website or call us for a free consulation about your roofing concerns.
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